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Home > Louis Vuitton handbags News > What if the LV belt is long

What if the LV belt is long 2019-09-10

Many people have such misunderstandings about belt punching, thinking that as long as there is a puncher, they can operate at home, which is convenient and quick and saves money. As everyone knows, although the puncher is not difficult to operate, but the hole spacing is the same, the belt is not damaged or very difficult, a little careless, thousands of dollars of LV belt will be scrapped, it will not be worth the loss. It is also not advisable to find a leather repair shop on the side of the road. It is not advisable to find a leather belt repair shop. This kind of shop only repairs ordinary belts. Luxury brands like LV have less contact, and punching technology cannot guarantee.
Good belts are also inseparable from daily careful maintenance. In the process of wearing LV belts every day, the belt should not be scratched, rain-proof or contaminated; the excessive use of the belt can be reduced as much as possible. Let the leather belt get rest and breathing; the belt will be deformed or cracked when exposed to sunlight for a long time, so be careful to avoid it; when using the leather belt to maintain the oil, first apply the oil to a clean rag, then evenly wipe the belt On the surface, avoid applying oil directly to the belt to avoid damage to the leather.

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