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Home > Louis Vuitton News > The most complete LV bag maintenance strategy

The most complete LV bag maintenance strategy 2019-09-24

 The LV bag is famous for its sturdy canvas old-fashioned leather. It is often that the bag is not damaged, but it is smashed into the cold palace due to the dirt. There are thousands of bags, and it is better to do maintenance to extend the service life. In fact, leather maintenance is like the maintenance of your own skin. It seems to be troublesome, but if you are used to it, you will spend a few minutes every day or every few days. Of course, some people say that they can afford LV, and they will change it when they use it. Then skip this!

First, the daily gadgets needed to maintain the bag:
White cotton gloves
It's not the thick line of labor insurance. It's the kind of plain, white cotton gloves without patterns.
White cotton gloves are not the thick line of jeans, pure cotton white gloves, the kind commonly used in luxury stores, there are many treasures, dozens of dozens, for women with luxury bags probably Essentials.
It’s great to bring suede shoes when necessary. In addition to being able to clean the bag's dust, the most important thing is to effectively promote the closure of the bag's pores when wiping the bag, making the leather of the lv bag look smoother and more delicate.
2. Eraser
This is a good thing, if it is a relatively shallow dirt that can suddenly appear!
It is best to use the most common student rubber in Korea and Japan. Don't use the kind of color that makes children's colors and even candy.
The focus is on the kind that does not slag. I also boycotted Japanese and Korean goods, but sometimes they are helpless than their domestic counterparts.
The round pen on the LV bag was once erased with an eraser.
But be careful, such traces should be dealt with immediately, do not leave marks for too long, the color has penetrated into the bag leather for a long time, the rubber is invalid. If you find a stain that you can't easily get rid of, don't suffocate yourself, so as not to cause more serious damage.
In addition to LV, other small leathers such as bright leather, patent leather, or canvas (such as BUR. and GU.'s bags) can also be treated with rubber.
However, it is not recommended to use a large area of ​​rubber, because although it may be useful, it can wipe off the stain, but after use, the whole cortex becomes very dry and loses its luster. It takes a long time to touch it by hand.
If you must use it, it is recommended to rub in one direction and force it.
3. Stockings
Scrap stockings have many good uses and can be used to maximize the use of the remaining soap.
It is also a leather goods. This is ideal for floating ash that is just beginning to clean the leather or is not too dirty.
But be careful, you must wear the ordinary silk stockings, stockings and the like that do not fade. More fashionable mesh, hollow, lace, etc. are useless.
It is not advisable to rub with water. For a long time, the cortex will be chapped, and if it is not properly, it will leave water marks.
4. Soft brush
You can use a soft brush to wash your face, and the kind of shoe brush can also be used, mainly soft, not too hard, otherwise it will damage the cortex. A toothbrush is also available, see the area you need to clean up.
It is mainly used to clean up the relatively strong old flowers or the dust on the canvas bag stuck in the seam.

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