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Home > Louis Vuitton News > MULTI POCHETTE ACCESSOIRES Crossbody Bag


Louis Vuitton has always been a dreamy product for every girl, this time the brand launched a new multi-Popette Accessoires that can be worn on the most, whether you like a small bag or a practical side backpack, or send an opponent Take the bag, this new bag can meet your needs, and the changeable usage makes this bag a success of the fashion-loving girls like Yang Lanlin, Molly and Li Han!
Louis Vuitton, which started from the suitcase, has been very creative in the bagging of objects. In addition to being fashionable in design, it is also necessary to integrate into everyday life. This time, the Multi Pochette Accessoires is designed to meet today's needs. The variability of the girls’ dresses, and the design of the bag, the overall inspiration comes from the classic clutch bag Pochette Accessoires designed by the brand in 1992.
Louis Vuitton extends the classic bag, and the clutch bag is presented in a combination of one size and one small size. In addition, a small round coin purse is added to match the classic Monogram bag. Change, on the strap Louis Vuitton boldly combines elegant straps with street-style sports style bags, this design adds to the diversity of this bag! Each accessory can be separately disassembled, so that you can take a small purse out of the door, or take a bag and use it, you can change it in response to your life.
Yang Yulin, who plays a song and has a unique opinion on taste, this time with a pair of casual denim wide pants, the simple melanin Tee on the upper body, let the Louis Vuitton's Multi Pochette Accessoires bag become worn. Highlights, perfection to integrate fashion into everyday life.
Fashion blogger Molly and Tide Mo letter are presented in two completely different ways. Molly's healthy skin with wheat color and earthy trousers and pure white pants show a casual fashion attitude, plus Multi Pochette Accessoires After the package, she showed her attitude towards fashion. Li Wen, who has always been street-savvy, used a sports-style dress to show her strong style!
South Korea's actress with an ethereal personality Krystal uses a handsome denim outfit with Louis Vuitton's Multi Pochette Accessoires bag. She folds the denim jacket cuffs casually, and the handsome style perfectly controls this sleek bag.
In addition to keeping up with fashion, the purchase of bags is versatile and durable. Louis Vuitton's Multi Pochette Accessoires package is designed to satisfy the provocative stomach of each girl, so that they can have diversity in wearing. Variety!

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