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Home > Louis Vuitton News > LV2020 launches joint series

LV2020 launches joint series 2020-03-26

 What else can Louis Vuitton not do? In addition to opening a restaurant in Japan and cooperating with the NBA, the women's series combines classic presbyopia bags and classic paintings of the Louvre Museum by netizens. The menswear series Virgil Abloh this time invited the Japanese trend master NIGO to launch the LV2 "LV square" series LV 2020 early autumn men's clothing, from clothing to bags, to play many classic elements of the brand, designed by the two major trends in the hearts of many people, so that fashion fans are surprised and happy, let's take a look at this series with ELLE What fun?

Louis Vuitton men's clothing in the early autumn of 2020 launched the LV2 series "LV square", an independent series by men's art director Virgil Abloh and Nigo. This capsule collection includes apparel, leather goods, shoes and accessories, with unique images and a reinterpretation of Louis Vuitton's classic theme. It is expected to be launched in Taiwan from June to August.
Virgil Abloh invites Japanese trend designers to co-design with Human Made founder Nigo. This proposition using the "square" concept is to express the perception that different ideas can coexist with each other. This series looks at London Mod from a Tokyo perspective. Gorgeous clothing in the subculture era combines the elements of Nigo's early inspiration from London subculture with the spirit of LV in Virgil Abloh's heart to launch the Louis Vuitton 2020 early autumn series.
"LV Made" flipping through NIGO design
To pay tribute to Human Made, a Japanese brand founded by Nigo, there is also an aviator jacket in this series, which is not only decorated with the "LV Made" logo, but also with the image of Mount Fuji.
Classic presbyopia fashion transformation
Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh Nigo joint series
The classic Monogram combined with the Damier plaid has become the biggest feature of LV2 stitching, and this fusion design has continued to appear in this co-branded classic bag, including things like tote bags, Keepall handbags, and Nigo classic animal charms. wallet.
Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh Nigo joint series
Leather shoes with toe iron pieces and fringed Monogram loafers convey the spirit of Mod and reinterpret the Damier pattern, presenting suede Damier ankle boots, sporty Damier leather mountain boots, shearing or tannin Damier snow boots, And Damier Mules. Rectangular sunglasses with hard case side buckle details, and accessories accented with the LV2 logo.
Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh Nigo joint series
Mod tailoring suits with Louis Vuitton Damier plaid, highlighting its classic style. This theme also echoes a double-faced duffle coat with small plaid trim, while a black fishtail hooded coat highlights the combination of flamboyance and sport.

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