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LV wash bag identification is not difficult 2019-09-09

 2019 LV spring and summer limited wash bag, everyone's pursuit of this bag is very warm, there are many young ladies and sisters transformed into a very beautiful LV backpack, it is a must-have summer! Of course, the imitation of the fire is also a lot more! Because the price of this bag is still very close to the people, so many fakes that the baby bought are even the same as the genuine price~ Today we will learn the identification method of this bag~

1 look inside the logo hot stamping
Authentic inside hot stamping Currently only 3 lines of hot stamping, and some imitations appear 4 lines, it is really a superfluous addition. In addition, the last letter "e" in the imitation "made in France", the tail is actually connected, the genuine generally does not appear this printing deviation. Also because the font of LV is specially designed, the word "O" is a concentric circle, the letter "S" is small and big, the bottom of the letter "V" is pointed, the two ends of the letter "N", and the middle The horizontal bar spans.
LV wash bag identification is not difficult, teach you three tricks to identify LV bags!
2 look at the line
The original line is neatly arranged, the pinholes are neatly arranged, the imitation lines are twisted and twisted, and the pinhole arrangement is also inconsistent.
LV wash bag identification is not difficult, teach you three tricks to identify LV bags!
3 Look at the hardware again
LV hardware is very important! The key metal of the genuine LV buckle is bronzed, the color is dull, and the imitation of the product will be bright golden, and the reflection is very strong. Ps: Of course, the new product has some bright hardware, but it is very textured.

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