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Home > Louis Vuitton News > LV new package with leather care

LV new package with leather care 2019-09-26

 Usually the leather part of the LV new bag is a light beige. This type of cortical pores is open, so it is easy to absorb the outside oil and moisture, which is why the color is getting deeper and deeper. When the pores of the leather are opened, it is less likely to be eliminated if it becomes dark and dirty. Therefore, the general maintenance is to shorten this time, or it should be well protected.

In general, the skin is lightest and is the most beautiful. This can be dried out, but be careful, it is best to cover the other parts, otherwise the bag is easy to deform, you can use a dust jacket and the like. Remember! Never use a newspaper cover, it will print the ink on the bag and it will not be processed! It is best to only cover the part of the leather, pay attention to turning over, and save unevenness. The action of drying is to accelerate oxidative discoloration.
After drying, use clean white gloves and a clean fleece boot. It is also possible to wipe back and forth. Oh, it must be the dust jacket of the previous flannel. Now it has become a white and linen texture. This is too hard, it can't be used, it will scratch the skin. The action of rubbing is to accelerate the closing of the pores. But be careful not to wipe with any faded things! ! Will be on the skin!
If it is a bag or a strap, I want to shorten this time. The quicker way is to wash your hands and squat back and forth in the bag. Commonly known as human flesh polishing. Because human skin is soft and can secrete oil, it can throw the most natural luster. The temperature of the hand also accelerates oxidative discoloration. But be sure to keep your hands clean! The above method, after a period of time, the skin will slowly become darker.
And even if the bag is not exposed to the sun, sometimes the surface turns yellow, which is said to be due to the color of the dust bag. Therefore, after basic cleaning, the bag should be wrapped in white paper and then placed in a dust bag before storage. If you live in a humid place, be sure to put a dry bag inside the bag to protect it from yellowing. If there are conditions, it is best to spray the waterproof spray on the front of the door. It is essential to wipe it with maintenance oil before storage.
In short, this leather bag is super nice and super hard to serve! It is like a mother-in-law who has no reason for no reason. EPI leather itself is more resistant to dirt, wipe it with cotton gloves. If the bag is dirty, you can wipe it with a wet wipe that is used to wipe the buttocks with no alcohol, then brush with light soft soft shoes, and finally use cotton gloves. Dry it.
But EPI is most afraid of wear and tear. pay attention!
In fact, as long as the cleaning is done, the best maintenance is not oiling, but it is often touched, polished with the human body, hehe.
In addition, if the handle is dirty, do not use the detergent on the market. The skin of the LV is special, and the detergent can easily remove the oil. It’s really dirty and can’t be sent to luxury goods.

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