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Home > Louis Vuitton News > Knowledge about high imitation luxury goods

Knowledge about high imitation luxury goods 2019-03-17

Nowadays, fake goods are flying all over the world. Fake goods of all sizes and sizes can be seen everywhere, involving all walks of life. It's hard to prevent people from accidentally buying fake goods by themselves or their relatives. However, while they hate fake goods, they also give Gao an arrest warrant. They also make it an example of fake goods. Some people say that high imitation is equal to fake goods. This is a misconception.

So what is high imitation? High imitation refers to the Imitation Based on the original shape, material and function of the imitation object. As a term, high imitation is often used to imitate high-end consumer goods with low technical barriers, such as imitation leather, handbags, glasses and other international luxury brands. High imitation not only reproduces the main or all elements such as the shape of the genuine product, but also retains the brand identity of the genuine product. Therefore, high imitation is actually a highly simulated product, but high imitation is not equal to fake goods.

It is worth mentioning that the difference between imitations and waterborne goods? It is well known that waterborne goods are products sold directly in a certain area without a formal sales agent. Therefore, waterborne goods are not illegal products. When it comes to aquatic products, Xiaobian has to mention the mobile phone market. As far as mobile phones are concerned, aquatic phones mostly refer to those listed in Europe (including some in the Americas, Australia and even Asia). Most of them are manufactured abroad, and some of them are manufactured at home and then sold abroad. They are manufactured according to strict standards of manufacturers. There are no known quality problems. These machines come to China by means of personal carrying. China calls them European version machines or aquatic products. However, these machines do not pay taxes to mobile phone agents in China, so they do not enjoy the national joint insurance in China, but they still enjoy the warranty of some businessmen. The warranty standards vary from place to place.

What is Gao Fang's knowledge about high imitation luxury goods?

European mobile phones support the latest technology in part, and the electromagnetic radiation standards of mobile phones are strictly controlled. There are no such technologies in Chinese mobile phones, and the electromagnetic radiation standards are not as strict as those of foreign ones. To sum up, the quality of European mobile phones is better than that of domestic mobile phones.

It should be noted that the definition of water cargo has nothing to do with the production area, but only with the sales area. For example, a laptop computer is made in China, but the original sales place is foreign, and this machine is also water cargo in China.

The high imitation luxury market has its own unique charm. It can be proudly displayed on the micro-commerce platform, such as the circle of friends, micro-stores and Weixin public platform. It can be accepted by consumers with a small part of recognition. Low price, quality assurance, original leather, original hardware and fine workmanship can buy their favorite commodities at the price of a few tens of luxury goods, which is also for themselves. It's a good choice.

But before buying, Xiaobian should popularize some high imitation knowledge to consumers. Generally, there are five kinds of high imitation packages in the market: B, A, Super A, 1:1 and original. The so-called B goods: also known as AB goods, the only part like genuine goods, probably only LOGO, or even casually find a wallet or bag, covered with a trademark, as to whether the manufacturer has produced this type of model, it is not clear. B goods are poor in materials, hardware and handicraft, and do not use genuine leather. Most of them are graded on the floor. They are imitation goods at a glance, and the price is naturally cheap. (Not recommended by minor edition)

Goods A: It can be said that it's medium-sized goods. It's a little better than goods B. The leather and sewing lathe are very general, and the packing is a little better than goods B. Nevertheless, it won't take long to rot, but unlike genuine products, it will become honeywax color with the use of time. The ingredients of the whole package: the main fabric is ordinary hollow material, the second layer of ingredients, ordinary hardware, manual general.

What is Gao Fang's knowledge about high imitation luxury goods?

Super A: Made from imported cowhide, the color will change to honey wax after use. The color changes immediately when the water is in contact with it. The production process is very fine, for flowers, for size, with the original version can be said to be the same. Because the price is reasonable and the quality of the product is good, it is loved by the public. Ingredients for the whole package: The main fabric is the top solid material. The ingredient is imported discolored leather. (Note: The main fabric is the patterned part, the ingredient is the white part, the skin is divided into the head layer and the second layer)

1:1: The so-called one-to-one goods are made of imported cowhide. All bags are strictly imitated according to the authentic. The main difference with the oversupply of A goods lies in the handicraft. Handicraft is more delicate than merchandise, all details are very careful, some of the lines can be said to be more beautiful than the original (because the original version is made by hand, and imitation of the machine is made of course more beautiful than it). The price of these packages is a little expensive because of the complexity of various aspects and the small quantity of manufactured products, but the cost-effective ratio is undoubtedly the highest. It is suggested that if you want to buy the original version, you should buy the goods of this grade.

Original edition: The original edition is the most advanced high imitation. Strictly speaking, the original edition should be made according to the authentic products in the special counter. Leather and hardware should be the same as the authentic materials, and hand-sewn, which can be comparable to the authentic ones. Although the price is more expensive, it is still much cheaper than the genuine. It has the advantages of good feel, fine workmanship and high cost performance. It is the best choice for people who can not afford the genuine products but want to have the genuine quality.

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