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Home > Louis Vuitton belts > How to Maintain LV Belt

How to Maintain LV Belt 2019-03-17

LV belts should be removed as soon as possible without getting wet or raining, wiped and screwed out with dry cloth immediately, so they can continue to be worn. Because the human body has body temperature, if you want to collect them, you must either air-dry naturally or apply leather oil on the belts to protect the belts and better care for them.

When the LV belt smells sour and odorous, quickly wash dirty areas with soft-wool toothbrush and soap, quickly rinse with clean water, and pick "one pinch and one release" way to squeeze out the soap foam, the process is best completed in 15 seconds; furthermore, natural air-drying or drying with a blower 15 cm away from the belt (lest the belt burns and deforms), the belt can be nourished.

Consumers can also apply a little leather oil on the LV belt. "Leather oil not only has maintenance effect on the belt, but also can make the maintenance work more perfect. Attention! It's better to take off the ear first. The two sides of LV Belt should be cleaned separately. Don't soak the belt.

When LV belt is worn for a long time, it not only produces bad smell, but also hardens and cracks are rare symptoms. Sweat stain is the elder brother of erosion of the cortex, so that the belt deforms, hardens or even breaks, leading to the inexplicable loss or injury of the wrist watch is also a common occurrence; the poor life of the cortex, we should cultivate the concept of belt care and consumption in advance, do not greed for small gains, prevent unnecessary losses.

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