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Home > Louis Vuitton handbags News > How to identify the age of LV bag?

How to identify the age of LV bag? 2020-02-05

 How to identify the age of LV bag? How do we identify the age of LV bags when we buy them? Don't you know, bags are also old!

1. Observe the hardware of the bag, it should be covered with plastic, otherwise there will be signs of wear;
2. The four corners of the bag must also be carefully observed. After a long time, there will be abrasion marks;
3. If it is an LV bag, a brand new bag will smell very heavy after opening, the newer the taste will be heavier;
4. Pay attention to the year and number of the LV bag. Just like our ID card, it is unique. The second and fourth digits are the year of production, and the first and third digits are the week of production. The front letter is the factory code. You can know the origin of this bag. Of course, the French LV bag Is the best.
So, after knowing the age of LV bags, how to choose the LV bag that suits you?
If you only have the last one you like, don't worry. Now you can book directly online. How can I pick a new bag? In fact, it's very simple. As long as you always pay attention to Fashion Weekly or pay attention to the official website of LV bags, Know the latest LV bag styles. With a new LV bag, it is a very good thing!

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