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*Western Union
Western Union is a very easy and quick way to send and receive. We will invoice you with the payment information. Please make payment information correct(check the receiver’s first name and last name). Please email us or reply on our required form: MTCN(Money Transfer Control Number), your First Name, Last Name, payment amount, currency and country. Payment receives in 1 day.

PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information. No PAYPAL option,plesase choose Western Union(enjoy 7% discount) to make order record on our wedsite and contact us for Paypal payment account.

*VISA Card and Master Card

We do not charge customer directly, but use a more secure third party payment gateway:Yourspay. It is easy and safe to make an online purchase with. The maximum amount for Yourspay gateway is $600. You may pay for them separately, as long as each total is less than $600, includes the discount. If you would like the discount according to the quatity, you may try to pay via Western Union or Paypal. There is a 10% discount for using Western Union. Please contact us for the paypal account name.

Here are some specific information for you to understand how online credit card transaction work:

There are four parties involved with an online credit card transaction:
1. The merchant bank that setup the seller's merchant account.
2. A transaction clearinghouse such as First Data Corp. or First USA
3. The buyer
4. The issuing bank (a fancy way of saying the bank that issued the customer's credit card)


Below are the most common steps for completing a credit card transaction:
1. Customer places a product in the shopping cart
2. During checkout, a total is calculated
3. The customer enters credit card and shipping information
4. When the order is submitted, the information is encrypted and sent to a credit card clearinghouse where the data is verified and checked for fraud
5. After the clearinghouse ensures that funds are available, it places a charge for the total amount on the customer's card and deposits the funds in the merchant's merchant account.
6. The merchant bank sends the funds to the merchant's local business account where the merchant can then access the funds.

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